The Secret Third Reich Maps of HOLLOW EARTH

The idea that the Earth is empty is not new, but is known of old. As you will see by reading this article, the ancients knew this, having various prophecies about the Atlantean survivors civilization from within, which at some point will return to the surface.

You will also notice how the Nazis have learned that Earth is empty, after the famous expedition in Tibet, organized by the organization Ahnenerbe designed specifically for studying and researching the phenomena of the paranormal, but also the history of the Aryan race, and not only . For the reader to have part of a fair understanding of things, it will be presented gradually some historical aspects to prove the information.

Vril and Thule societies members were convinced that humanity’s distant past there were very advanced civilizations that combines scientific knowledge and technology with spiritual knowledge.

In 1935, on the direct orders of Hitler, Heinrich Himmler set up a department subordinated SS occult research, namely department “Ahnenerbe” ie “Institute for ancestral research.” The founders of this institute came from the highest officials of the the Third Reich and were concerned about the paranormal, of psychokinesis, astrology, divining and black magic. They were included famous scholars from several universities specializing in various fields. Ahnenerbe members felt that winning the war was not enough to just force of arms, but it was necessary and use of occult principles. To this end, they have organized extensive expeditions in several places around the world in search of lost magical artifacts, which were said to ensure they possess the great occult power. Among the objects sought included the Holy Grail, Spear of Destiny (the spear that killed Jesus on the cross) or Ark of the Covenant. In these expeditions they were ransacked and looted often sacred temples in the Himalayas, Middle East, Bolivia and many other places in the world. Ahnenerbe have come to have a huge library of rare books and the occult, estimated at about 140,000 volumes. There were so many papers carefully studied the occult, Sanskrit and Chinese scrolls, and many other rare texts. Particular attention was paid to references to those strange flying machines of the ancient Hindu called Vimana. Following their research, von Braun, known as the pioneer of modern spatial development of missile technology, said in a letter that “I learned very important things about ourselves in these writings.”

For official science today Piri Reis map remained an enigma. Conventional science can not explain where Turkish admiral have that map in 1513, more than three hundred years before the modern discovery (in 1820) of the frozen continent. The map was just a fragment of a world map much larger and Ottoman admiral had written in his notes that the sources used to prepare the map have existed for over 3,000 years! Even though these things may seem hard to believe, remains the question: Who could make a mapping of the coastline of Antarctica and the relief inside (lakes, rivers and mountains) as they were behind tens of thousands of years (or maybe more), when there’s no ice? It is also significant that the international experts who examined the Piri Reis map admitted that it is more accurate than those made in the 20th century.

In 1938 Nazi SS initiated and financed two scientific expeditions in Antarctica. They were ordered by Himmler, Hitler expressly ordered. For three months, Luftwaffe pilots flew forces Antarctic territory and made thousands of photos on an area of 600,000 square kilometers. It was thus identified an area known as Queen Maud Land until then, which included mountains and lakes covered by ice. The Germans claimed that area as being the first to get there. She was declared German territory, and then renamed as “Neuschwabenland” (New Swabia). Soon after they went into action several German submarine, commanded by Admiral Karl Dönitz, who were headed to Antarctica. Later, Karl Dönitz made a confession: “My Submarines have found a true Shangri-La (paradise) on this Earth.” Later in 1943, he also made a statement: “Across the world we have managed to make an invincible fortress for the Fuhrer us.”

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