This Rock Seems Out Of Place. When He Moves It? I Can’t Believe It Leads To THIS

In the country of Scotland, a farmer came across a stone one day that looked like it had been purposely placed there. When the farmer decided to turn the stone over, he uncovered something he could’ve never imagined.


At first the farmer thought he had uncovered a house, but no, it was so much more. The farmer had uncovered the lost and hidden city of Skara Brae.


This city, found on the island of Orkney, has a rich history behind it as one of the oldest settlements ever recorded in Great Britain.


This lost city of Skara Brae is believed to be over 5,000 years old. That would mean that this city would be older than any pyramid found in Egypt!


Because the entire city became covered in sand dunes, most of the city was preserved very well.


At the peak of the city’s existence, historians believe that the city held close to 50 to 100 people.


These homes provided more than just shelter though. In the middle of each home was a waterproof basin which archaeologists believe was used to hold caught fish that was to be eaten for meals.


I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe that a farmer could uncover so much by moving one stone. I guess it pays off to have a curious mind — don’t you think?


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