Top Secret Pdf Documents: FBI Knew Hitler Was Alive Until The Year 1984

Adolf Hitler, leader of Nazi Germany throughout world war two, shot himself in his Führerbunker on April 30th, 1945. His bride, Eva Braun bit into a cyanide pill and joined her husband, though new proof suggests that the bodies found might not have been Hitler and Braun.

In beforehand classified documents just lately uncovered, it now seems that the FBI had information of Hitler not only surviving the end of the war but the truth is being alive well into the 1980s.

A number of the specifics of the 203-page dossier have been blacked out making certain passages undecipherable but if the doc is genuine, it could well throw into doubt the effectiveness and purpose of the FBI, not to mention open the door for similar cases to be revisited.

The beginning portion of the doc, dated 1945, hinges on an interview with an Argentinian individual searching for asylum to the exchange on the location of Hitler. The person in question, whose identity isn’t revealed for their own safety, claims to have helped Hitler hide after he arrived by submarine to the nation.

The submarine is claimed to have arrived only weeks after the fall of Berlin and contained as many as 50 individuals, together with many high ranking Nazi party members and a girl thought to be Eva Braun. The party was then met by contacts who loaded the luggage and effects of the party up and transported them inland. Suggesting that if indeed this was Fuhrer, that the retreat had been planned extensively a very long time before the end of the battle.

Following the arrival, Hitler is later reported to have traveled to Panama before eventually settling in Brazil, though there are a number of different accounts of his actions once in South America.

The bodies found in 1945 thought to be those of Hitler and Eva Braun could in which case must have been decoys aimed at throwing the allies off the scent. Hitler like many dictators employed body doubles for much of his reign, Gustav Weler being one of Hitler’s that was recognized to Allied forces.

American President John F. Kennedy was also satisfied of Hitler’s survival of the end of the struggle, and wrote a series of correspondences detailing his ideas on the topic which were just lately found and auctioned in commemoration of the hundredth yr after his birth.

JFK wrote of the discovery of Hitler’s body:

“The room where Hitler is supposed to have met his loss of life showed scorched walls and traces of fire. There is no complete proof, however, that the body that was discovered was Hitler’s body.

” Testimony of guards who lived with Hitler throughout his final days might also be less than trustworthy because of either the truth that they could have been in on the conspiracy to hide their leader’s escape, or might have been fooled by body doubles.

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