Ever since the Roswell UFO crash in 1947, there have been rumors about alien technology that was reverse engineered to develop a manmade spacecraft that uses anti-gravity technology. These projects are funded through dark government agencies who operate below the radar and have access to unlimited resources.

Sounds farfetched? People need to realize that back in the 60’s, the NSA already had access to computers that run at a clock-speed of roughly 650 megahertz. Only after 35 years, this type of technology was accessible to the general public. Imagine the technology that is currently being developed and will enter everyday live in 35 years…

One of these secret projects has been the TR3B, a spacecraft that is capable of entering space. There is no official confirmation of this project, but during the last 2 decades, numerous UFO sightings could be attributed to this craft.

It started in the late 80’s with the Belgium UFO flap. Thousands of witnesses reported seeing a black triangular craft with 3 distinct light. The Belgian General Wilfried de Brouwer stated during a press conference that the movements of this aircraft (radar confirmed) were not feasible for manmade airplanes at the time.

Recently a video from Russia emerged that shows the TR3B spacecraft flying through the sky. The craft is flying at a speed that is impossibly slow for regular airplanes. This might be the best video evidence of the existence of the TRB3 ever recorded.