UFO departing from the moon in January 2018 filmed by a researcher from his telescope in Mexico

UFO departing from the moon in January 11 / 2018 filmed by a researcher from his telescope in Mexico , fromMazatlán Sinaloa this video came out from the deep web ¡¡¡

Extraterrestrial bases

For a long time a large number of ufologists have maintained that the hidden face of the Moon could harbor a base for aliens. The theory suggests that if these extraterrestrial beings come from a distant planet in another solar system, they should have a base from which they can make their regular visits to Earth. What better place than the hidden face of the Moon, which is perpetually hidden from our eyes?

To reinforce this claim, Milton William Cooper, American writer, radio announcer and former intelligence officer of the United States Air Force, said under oath in 1989 that the US government has knowledge of alien spacecraft visiting the Earth.

“On the hidden side of the Moon there are extraterrestrial bases,” Cooper said in a statement. “They have been seen by the astronauts of the Apollo mission. Apart from a mining operation with large machines and extraterrestrial ships there are also motherships there. ”