US Super Weapon for WW3 Would Cause Hurricanes and Blizzards

The military minds in the US are developing a new super weapon that would allow them to control the weather and which could give them dominance if World War 3 was to break out.

Controlling the Weather Would be a Game Changer

Being able to control the weather and environment would be a huge game changer, and the superpowers in charge are spending billions in the development of what has been called the ultimate in weapons to wage war. Tanks of the enemies could be frozen; warships could be stranded in icy fog, while fighter planes might be hit out of the size by hailstones that are the size of golf balls. All of this could come from a weapons system that has been specifically designed to take control of the weather.

The US Air Force has proposals already, and the experts are under the belief that the weather changing device might be ready for going into battle. Research papers that were submitted to the US Air Force have detailed plans for the military to be able to virtually own the weather by 2025. The papers suggest that the weapons system might be just as revolutionary as nukes. The concept of the weapons system could be taken to the extreme. This might mean the military would be able to bring about tornados, hurricanes, floods, and snowstorms at will. Essentially they would have in the palm of their hand the ability to be able to kill a nation.

Pentagon Has Been Promised a Weather Weapon Allowing Complete Dominance

The proposal was penned by three colonels and four majors in the United States. The document reveals that commanders have made the case for being able to modify the weather conditions and they have given promise to the Pentagon that the weapon would allow complete dominance.

The report suggests “A global, precise, real-time, robust, systematic weather-modification capability would provide war-fighting commander in chiefs with a powerful force multiplier to achieve military objectives.”

Weather Weapon Part of Proposal of Air Force 2025 Initiative

There have been many theories proposed about being able to modify the weather could work. Many of them rely on missiles, artillery shells or planes, introducing chemicals, nanomachines or energy into the clouds along with the upper atmosphere of Earth. These proposals were laid out as one part of the Air Force 2025 initiative into the research of new weapons aimed at dominating the battlefield in the next decade.

Professor Michel Chossudovsky, the president of the Centre for Research on Globalization described the possibility of being able to develop a device that could modify the weather at will as being the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. He said that the United States is already well on the way to developing a weapon that would allow modification of the weather. He went on to say that the military in the United States had developed advanced capabilities that would allow them to choose to change weather patterns. He concluded by saying that the tactical use of weapons to change the weather might be used to put a stop to the supplies of enemies thanks to rainstorms, snowstorms or droughts, even to allow total control over the battlefield.

Geneva Convention Banned Weather Modification

The Geneva Convention has banned weather modification and they placed rules that are strict declaring that weapons that could change the environment which is used as ways of destruction, causing injury or death to another state party have been prohibited. However, the United States forces have used weather warfare in the past. This was seen when they sent out Operation Popeye during the Vietnam War, which was highly classified. This saw planes dumping cocktails of chemicals into the clouds so as to bring about monsoons over the Ho Chi Minh trail, with the aim of them slowing down the Vietcong.

Weather Weapon Could Kill Millions without Need for Troop Deployment

Professor Chossudovsky said that weather warfare could destabilize the ecosystem of the economy and destroy the agriculture along with disabling communications networks. Modifying the weather could essentially undermine the national economy and impoverish many millions of people along with killing a nation. This could all be possible without even a deployment of troops or military hardware.

An expert said that the weather weapons are shrouded in total secrecy and they have been linked to the mysterious HAARP programme of the United States that has been closed down, at a military base located in Alaska. The programme was officially said to be analyzing the upper atmosphere so that radio communications and surveillance could be improved.