Vault 7 Leak Exposes a Secret War Against We the People

The Vault 7 leak has merely disclosed the tip of the Secret Shadow Government iceberg. It quickly becomes obvious that there is also Secret Space War program and secret Deep Underground Military Base program that the CIA runs interference for.

By Preston James, Ph.D.

Note: This is a long article, and involves information you were never supposed to find out about. Over the years, hundreds have been murdered who bucked this evil system, and thousands of good Americans from all walks of life and positions (low and high) have been harassed into silence.

Thankfully all secrecy is ending bit by bit thanks to the Internet, the New Gutenberg Press. The CIA and the Secret Shadow Government are desperate to stop these disclosures and doing everything they can, but such efforts are now doomed. This article is dedicated to all the innocent blood and ruined lives of all the many thousands of the CIA’s victims, including many children ritually abused and sacrificed for control, power and money.

To save time, you can read the bold print and the conclusion to get a pretty good summary of the article.

Thanks to the Vault 7 leak the curtain has been pulled back and the CIA’s massive crime spree against We The People has now been exposed.

And it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

This disclosure of CIA RICO crimes is just 1% of what will be coming in future months about the CIA’s dirty secret crimes against We The People and the existence of a massive secret war against We The People by a Secret American “invisible” Government, best referred to as the Secret Shadow Government (SSG).

Yes, not only do the Vault 7 disclosures disclose massive illegal CIA spying against the American people, but they also suggest that a major war is being waged against We The People by a Secret Shadow Government (SSG) most of the American masses never heard of, something never mentioned in the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

The original reason that the CIA was created was because of the cold war with the Soviet Union and China, at least this is what was claimed to the American public. 

We now know for certain that the large subterranean Intel monster best referred to as the  was spawned from and by the CIA’s excessive secrecy and tendency to commit an endless series of serious crimes, all rationalized under the misused concept of “protecting national security”.

Here is the secret process by which this all occurred.

Paperclip scientists in America – US Sponsorship was not limited to German physicists and engineers

At the end of WW2, the USG decided to import the Nazi spy system.

The Office of Strategic Services (OSS) was the clandestine arm of the US Military during WW2 and realized that they were ill equipped to spy on the Soviet Union effectively.

So at the end of WW2 efforts were made by the US Army to convince President Truman and his top advisers that it was essential to import the Nazi’s ready made Intel system which they believed had fully penetrated the Soviet Union.

But the immediate impetus to create the CIA by passing the National Security Act of 1947 was the UFO crash with 5 alien ET bodies and one live ET survivor from another nearby crash sent the Army Air Corps into shock.

Roswell Depiction

This Roswell incident sent major shock-waves through the highest echelons of the US Military High Command, the president and several of the top Senators who were briefed.

That very night that the Roswell incident was exposed in an article published in the newswires that a flying saucer had crashed and been recovered at Roswell, absolute secrecy was locked down and a phony weather balloon cover story was quickly substituted under threat of court martial.

Years later when witnesses began to adequately debunk this, another second fake cover story was presented that it was the crash test of a Project Mogul test dummy. That too has now been fully debunked.

When the National Security Act of 1947 was passed, President Truman in essence unknowingly signed away US sovereignty by allowing the creation of a Secret Shadow Government (SSG). Years later he realized this mistake and was sorry, or at least that is what he claimed.

From that point on from the moment it was created by the national Security Act, the CIA morphed into the secret control arm of the , a reconstituted three-piece suit Third Reich that had formed an symbiotic alliance with US Intel over Alien ET technologies gained from recovered crashed UFOs, one in Bavaria for example.

by Jim Marrs

This is an extreme claim that the CIA became the Intel arm of the new Forth Reich but one that has legs. And here is how it happened.

After the end WW2, President Truman and his Military High Command imported over 9,000 Nazi scientists, technicians, bio-weapons experts, spy-chiatrists and mind-kontrollers, and Intel agents under Operation Paperclip.

Midway through the war, US Naval Intel had become aware of the secret Nazi weapons research on jet aircraft, rockets, nuclear bombs and anti-gravity craft. US Navy Intel had deeply penetrated these secret Nazi weapons programs.

And naval Intel was fully aware that the Nazis had recovered crashed UFOs, had formed a working alliance with an Alien ET group which abandoned them midstream.

Senior US Naval Intel Officials knew the Allies would win the war and wanted to be able to get control over those technologies and the technicians working on them before the Russian could.

A special deal was negotiated through back channels with certain Nazi Intel officials and General Kammler to do this before the war’s end.

Secret negotiations were made through back-channels before the end of the war with General Kammler to import all this technology and those Nazis involved into the USA at the end of the war and give them full immunity if they agreed to work for the USA.

So the USG wanted not only all this Nazi secret technology, it wanted access to what they believed was the Nazi’s exceptionally proficient network of spies deeply embedded inside the Soviet Union.

However, General Kammler had a secret plan. He decided that he would share the rocketry, and guidance systems and the jet aircraft but would hold back on much of the Alien ET technologies and instead attempt to create a secret separate Nazi space program running parallel.

In a strange unanticipated turn of events, many of the top technicians working on de Glocke (the Bell) and related anti-gravity were murdered so they could not talk or be taken to America. It has been suspected and rumored that a select group of the best were Scientists and technicians working on anti-gravity were secretly transported to South America, some say to a secret base in Antarctica.

This group of Nazi scientists and technicians was to re-establish connections to a Alien ET group and continue developing weapons. What happened to them is unclear but perhaps will be disclosed with all the big disclosures coming soon over Antarctic archaeological digs, which according to rumors may involve beings frozen in the ice from ancient times and alien ET matters.

After NASA was developed, it was rumored that a secret Nazi section was developed to set up Space War division to rival the USAF and the USN’s. Because of all the excess well-compartmented secrecy levels set up based on “need to know” only, it is always difficult to get accurate information on any of this.

This cylinder device generated a tremendous vortex in the etheric field by counter-rotating mercury plasma, though many speculate it was merely an anti-gravity flying device, it seems more likely to have been a primitive attempt to create an artificial ‘wormhole’ portal that could pierce the quarantine barrier. The Bell project and its designers vanished just before WWII’s end.

Up until about five years ago, any mention of the Secret Space War program usually resulted in the discloser being murdered without mercy.

The late New Mexico Congressman Steven Schiff (1947-1998)

Some of the murders have seemed to be from defense contractor security teams, but others are suspected of being from strange “Men in Black” (MIBs who have been alleged to be human looking Alien ETs).

Over the last 20 years those who run the programs, Majestic Twelve, has had a big split in perspectives among its members with the younger set wanting disclosure and pushing for it. This split has allowed a softening of the policy to immediately murder anyone disclosing.

And now with Dr. Steven Greer’s disclosure project over 100 American heroes have disclosed collectively. Offers have been made to present all this in open Congressional hearing, but because NM Congressman Schiff appeared to have been murdered (CIA Flu) trying to break it open, most Members of Congress are too afraid of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) to attempt to set up disclosure hearings.

If you think the claims that the USN had serious Intel during WW2 from inside the Nazi high technology programs that dealt with recovered UFOs and Alien ET partners is complete bunk, not so fast.

Jeff Rense (of ) who is a Veterans Today affiliate has a Radio Network which carries some remarkable guests. One of his recent guests is a highly respected man William Tompkins, who has produced supporting credentials showing long term participation in the Secret Space War program.

Some of these very interesting Rense programs with William Tompkins have been posted on and also on and are well worth listening too. Take the time to listen to this remarkable man before you just discount such claims out of hand about the Navy penetrating Nazi alien ET/UFO high technology development during WW2.

These matters are incredulous to most and even for a period of time to those who have worked in these programs at the highest levels. Yes, this is “twilight zone” time, but you will find it to be real if you do enough deep research.

But here is what we actually do know for certain.

In 1990 the respected “Aviation Week and Space Technology Magazine” confirmed development of exotic top-secret flight machines. In two feature articles, the lid was ever so slightly lifted on super-classified projects under way at Nellis AFB in Nevada and Edwards AFB in California. Both bases “…have been home to ‘classified’ vehicles for decades.”

Nazi Intel Gehlen and Mueller were brought over and used to help set up the CIA under the infamous, now declassified Operation Paperclip. Joseph Mengele  (aka Dr. Green) traveled in and out of America from his South American home and was brought over to help set up the CIA’s secret Mind-kontrol programs, which included MK-Ultra and numerous subprograms, many of which are ongoing even to this very day, although completely denied.

Prescott Bush and the Dulles brothers were supportive of the Nazis. Prescott and GHWB both have been accused of being secret Nazis. Prescott for his part in the Union bank support for the Nazis in WW2, in which he was arrested but given immunity to become an “informant,” as long as he signed an agreement that his progeny would never run for political office.

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