Watch: Enoch, the Builder of the Great Pyramid of Egypt? (Video)

Egyptian pyramids conceal a mystery that has not yet been distinguished. While some archaeologists believe that they are the creation of the ancient Egyptians, there are also voices who claim that somewhere there was also the hand of civilizations that are superior to humans in raising such miracles.

The Keops (Khufu) Pyramid is always said to have been built by the Egyptians. Yes, says Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids, but under the guidance of the gods. If Pharaoh Keops built the Great Pyramid, why was there no statue anywhere? Such a large construction, which resisted in time, denotes a megalomania somehow. Then why was not his statue found in the pyramid?


Some theories claim that the Keops Pyramid (Khufu) was a sort of power plant and draws its name from a simple “peeled” cartridge. The only reason it is known as Khufu / Keops is due to a Victorian graffiti. When Colonel Howard Vyse entered the Great Pyramid, he was determined to create his name as Egyptologist.

Although at that time Colonel Vyse wrote in his diary that he did not find anything that looked like a cartridge, two years later, when he published his book, he wrote that he had found a red-painted cartridge in which the name of Pharaoh Khufu. This is the only source on which the great pyramid dating dates back to the Khufu’s time, 2500 years old because the researchers believe that then Khufu ruled Two students at the University of Dresden, Germany, managed to steal a sample from the paint with which it was painted the cartridge and take it to the laboratory in Germany for analyses and carbon dating. The sample was too small to be dated, but the researchers found something incredible: The paint was not applied to the original block but to a layer that was later added to a repair of the great pyramid.


Another source that gives us the clues that the pyramid is much older than it is currently dated is Inventory Stela, from which we find that the pharaoh Khufu has repaired the Sphinx and from this, we deduce that the Sphinx was already ancient at that moment According to the writings of the Arab writer AL – Mqriti The Great Pyramid was built before the great flood of a certain king named SAURID. The research revealed that SAURID is one and the same as the one the Jewish society called ENOCH. Enoch was taken to heaven by the Archangel Mikail, and ENOCH was informed that a great cataclysm is about to happen and how to build the great pyramid as a warehouse for knowledge gathered so far, and so nothing would be lost after the great flood. Thus, when returning to earth, Enoch began construction at the Great Pyramid, which was built with the help of angels.


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