What Are These Weird Trails On Mars

Mars has long thought to be void of life. Scientists have previously deduced that the planet could once have housed life and many different organisms. Now it is supposedly just a barren planet with an endless landscape of rock formations. But Google Earth images show a different possibility.

Slug Rocks?

Looking like a huge slug crawling across the sand. The images show formations of rocks that have seemingly crawled across the terrain, leaving a trail behind them. By all accounts, rocks are not supposed to move by themselves, especially ones that are this huge. If there are indeed living organisms behind the work, then the claim of Mars being lifeless has been debunked.

Some analysts believe that the trails could be the work of dust tornados. One major fluke to this theory is that trails left by tornadoes tend to be in a curved or zig-zag fashion, unlike the straight lined trails shown in the images.

According to other analysts, water could be the culprit behind the phenomenon. According to this theory, the flow of water could have caused the trails and possibly moved the rocks gradually. This theory has also some flaws. The trails are too symmetrical to be that formed by water flow. And even if there is water on Mars, there does not seem to be a sufficient amount to have caused this phenomenon.

Plausible Possibilities

Among the images, one has a unique feature that might be the key to finding out what occurred. A bright dot is visible at the right side of the rock formation. The object also leaves an alternate trail that manifests as a dark curvy shadow on the image above. The size of the object must be considerable given the distance and scale of the image. Is that object a terrestrial vehicle, or could it be of alien origin?

There are insufficient information and evidence at the moment to come up with a conclusive conclusion. However, deductions may be made based on available knowledge. There are a group of analysts who believe that the phenomenon on Mars resembles a similar phenomenon on Earth. What they are referring to are the boulders of California’s Death Valley. The boulders in this valley often appear to be moving across the sands over time, but no one has come up with a plausible explanation to why this is happening. Understanding of the Death Valley phenomenon could lead to the answers on Mars.

Are these images proof of alien activity on Mars, or do they show a natural phenomenon at work? NASA seems to be tight lipped about the whole issue, and we can only assume that they have been hiding something from the public. What is of concern is what can be so secretive about moving rocks and trails that they have to be so tight-lipped about the whole thing?