What the hell is this? NASA photo reveals mysterious black object over Mars (VIDEO)

Photos beamed back from the martian surface by NASA show a barren landscape devoid of any life.

But one image reveals something totally unexpected – a dark black orb hanging in the air.

The photo is the latest in a series of pictures cited as evidence of alien life by UFO fanatics.

BARREN: This seemingly dead landscape shows an alien UFO, according to some

In one recent discovery, a man from Bristol spotted what looked like a sphinx on Mars in a NASA image.

Another photo of a woman bathing in her bikini seemed to show a flying saucer soaring in the skies behind her.

Even a picture of a government convoy made headlines, after it was said to show a UFO being transported under canvas.

Top secret CIA files about UFOs reveal, however, that the US government has investigated the phenomenon.

Source dailystar.co.uk