Why We Never Return To The Moon!

On December 1972 the last human step off the Moon when Apollo 17 set off on their return trip to Earth .  From the time Neil Armstrong made the first famous step on the lunar surface on July 20, 1969, until December 14, 1972, when Mr. Cernan, Jack Schmitt, and Ronald Evans returned to Earth, twelve different men walked on the moon in 6 successful moon landings.

And after that we never returned to the moon.

Some say that the entire Apollo program was the United States’ effort to prove superiority to the Soviets in the “Space Race,” a technological and ideological battle waged from the late 1950s to the middle 1970s.

Landing on the moon produced many benefits. Practically every electronic device in use today had its beginnings in the space program: transistors, digital mobile devices, breast cancer screeners, heat defibrillators, weather satellites, automated teller machines, and more. Still, some experts believe we had done all we could with moon landings by the time Apollo 17 was finished. While there are always new scientific discoveries to be made, the US decided that it wasn’t productive to land on the moon yet again. Instead, they focused on the Space Shuttle program.

And yet, the public clamored to know- why didn’t we ever go back to the moon? This is for sure: NASA is doing a good job of obfuscating the real reason they won’t return to the lunar surface. For example, they began a public relations effort called Global Exploration Strategy. In 2006, they asked over 1000 scientists, business people, engineers, space aficionados, and members of the public, “Why should we return to the moon?”

Ostensibly, the reason for the survey was to determine the best strategy to explore space, the benefits it brings to the people of Earth, and what role the moon can play as we continue to push further and further into the solar system.

Alien Base

I know the real reason for NASA’s noble “Global Exploration Strategy” public relations effort. It is part of a bigger campaign to cover up reality: NASA has known for years that aliens inhabit the moon. They have used the dark side of the moon to establish a base, develop landing areas, create buildings and towers of various sizes and shapes, and to monitor life on Earth.

Could this be the evidence of Alien Towers Found In Tycho Crater on the Moon?
The evidence is significant. At a 2001 presentation to the National Press Club, Karl Wolfe, a former NASA photographic repairman with top-secret clearance in the Air Force, explained how he came upon evidence of alien buildings on the moon. He was at Langley Force Base in 1965 when he was loaned to the Lunar Orbital Project. They had some equipment problems and needed some help.

Another airman took him to the where the broken equipment was located. This airman explained how the data came down from the lunar orbiter to the lab. During his explanation, he suddenly told Mr. Wolfe that they had come upon evidence of an alien base on the dark side of the moon. He then showed him several photos of mushroom-shaped outbuildings, spherical structures and various towers. Mr. Wolfe expected that this information would come out in the news the next day and was surprised that it never did.

Transient Lunar Phenomenon

For centuries a series of “transient lunar phenomenon” have been reported on or above the moon’s surface. These anomalies include unexplained flashes of light, strange clouds of various colors, glowing spots and more. In 1178, several monks noticed a huge flaming torch on the moon. In 1787, Sir William Herschel, a well-known British astronomer, detected three red glowing spots on the dark portion of the moon. J.F. Julius Schmidt, noted lunar observer, noticed a significant change in the Linné crater in 1866.

Soviet astronomer Nikolai A. Kozyrev saw a half-hour long eruption on a peak of the Alphonsus crater in 1958. In 1968, NASA published a summary of an investigation into these phenomenons. Known as Document R-277, it listed 9600 strange occurrences on the lunar surface over hundreds of years. And the mysteries continue. As recently as 1992, French scientists detected anomalies on the floor of the crater known as Langrenus.

The New York Herald Tribune science editor once related his observation of a 12-mile long bridge-like structure on the edge of a crater. It appeared out of nowhere. In preparation for Apollo missions, Orbiter 3 was sent to get advance photos of the moon. Several unexplained structures were found, including a large vertical tower in the Urkert section called “The Shard.” Also found was a structure named “The Tower” which may well be over 5 miles tall. Author George Leonard, in his 1977 book, “Somebody Else Is on the Moon,” showed tracks in the lunar dust he said were made by aliens.

Lunar UFOs

In the 1970s, two ex-NASA specialists said that NASA astronauts had repeatedly told the space administration that they had seen aliens on the surface of the moon. One expert named Marchant claimed in a 1978 book that a couple of UFOs were hovering in the area just before Apollo 11 made the famous landing. In his book “Our Cosmic Ancestor,” Maurice Chatelin, a former NASA insider, shows transcripts of radio transmissions between several Apollo missions and the mission control base. The astronauts describe alien spaceships lining several craters, observing the Armstrong moonwalk.

None of this is new. The Enigma TV program “Why Has NASA Never Returned to The Moon” found evidence of “Sky Gods” visiting earth throughout history. There are similar descriptions of “visitors” found in a wide range of historical cultures, from North American shaman writings to ancient clay tablets of Sumerians in Iraq. The Book of Genesis describes “watchers from the sky.” The Bhagavad Gita, the Hindu holy book, is a conversation taking place between Lord Krishna and Arjuna, his disciple. The text describes several Gods flying in alien craft known as Virmanas. They travelled to Earth from far-flung galaxies where they have telepathic powers and other advanced technology.

The Enigma TV program also describes the Popol Vu, an ancient Mayan document. The Mayans, who had advanced knowledge of astronomy and mathematics, depict a flying serpent God in the Popol Vu named Quetzalcoatl. Several times in the past few decades, flying serpent-like shapes have been filmed in the skies over Mexico. Almost identical objects have been reported over Scotland. American astronaut Story Musgrave also reported similar sightings from his post in the Space Shuttle.

7 UFOs over Moon on July 9th 2011

Staging Area

Are all these reportings hoaxes?  That theory always entertains me. Sure, several thousand people from all over the world over hundreds of years decided to fake reports of strange phenomenon on the moon.

Like they had nothing better to do.

No, for my money, the more plausible explanation is that aliens continue to use the moon as a staging area for eventual interaction with people on Earth. That could be a military strike signaling the start of an all-out war, or an attempt to reach out in peace. Either way, at this point only the naïve among us still believe we are alone.

Why haven’t we returned to the moon? Because we found a lot more there than some moon rocks. We discovered the existence of an alien base with buildings, towers and other structures! Unfortunately, NASA has decided the best way to handle it is to deny their existence. Sound familiar?

They can cover up what they want. History and irrefutable evidence confirm what I know–aliens are right now living on the dark side of the moon, keeping track of our every move.