World in shock: Found grave of Adolf Hitler in Argentina!

Argentine archaeologists are on private property in the forest, 60 kilometers from any civilization and the first city of San Carlos de Barilochea, find the grave of Adolf Hitler.


The estate is very difficult to approach because it is surrounded by 60 kilometers of forest, and can only to be approached by boat, which is impossible to do unnoticed because the bay with watch towers for the guards view of the city.

The grave was found 70 meters from the property in the forest, and is decorated with a swastika, an eagle and it says “Here lies Adolf Hitler, fuerer Third Reich”.

Archaeologists have surrendered to request the Argentine government and the owner of the property to carry out the exhumation of the remains and compare Hitler’s DNA.

The estate was owned by the director of “Mercedes”, which was the biggest supporter of Nazism. In Argentina lived more than 60,000 of the Nazis, among them the creators of the most cruel Nazi death camps. Among others, and Josef Mengele, one of the greatest villains of the world. Hitler did not commit suicide in his bunker in Berlin, which was confirmed by DNA analysis of the skull, which is located in a museum in Russia, for which it is claimed that Hitler. The skull is not male but female, and now it is speculated that belongs to Eva Braun, Hitler’s mistress.

This discovery changes the complete history of which we were taught in schools. American FBI in 2014 released to the public more than 700 secret documents, which can be seen to have been searching for Hitler 20 years after his alleged death.

Reconstruction looks something like this: since he escaped from the bunker in Berlin, Hitler’s underground tunnels came to the airport “Tempelhof”, 400 meters away from his bunker. It was seven days before his alleged murder and the day before the Russians occupied “Tempelhof”.

With this airport is 21 April 1945, flew 12 planes in an unknown direction. One arrived in Galicia, in Spain, “neutral” country driven by a dictator, General Franco, Hitler’s greatest friend, which Germany gave millions of marks.

Hitler in the port of Vigo waiting submarine U-62, four are transporting the most important people of the Reich, who followed Hitler, and their property in Argentina, the rest were support. Their only and final stop was the Canarsko Islands, a Spanish territory, where they supplement supplies for the trip to Argentina. Otherwise, Franco is at Canara German money built a submarine base on which the allies did not know until the war was over. The base also had seven kilometers of tunnels. So he was transferred to Argentina, where he lived until his death in 1984. He saw many of the world’s rulers and leaders in the grave, but I suffered a natural death at large.

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