CERN Physicist : ‘We’ve Done Something We Shouldn’t Have Done’

Cern located in the beautiful Swiss Alps near Geneva, Switzerland is in trouble. A physicist named Dr. Edward Mantill tells the story. He studies small particles and how they react with each other at CERN. CERN is most known for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

The Cern Troubles

This device, located underground, is 20 miles in diameter and spans two countries. It was built to study the birth of the universe, but it has been doing different experiments. This device was built, instead, to study UFOs. And the government of the US, Great Britain, and France is behind this. They studied where the UFOs came from, which period, whether there was any truth behind UFOs.

The device along with math found the universe is a page of itself. There is even a way to open the door to another universe. Is this where Heaven and Hell is? These findings purpose that endless energy and laser-powered weapons could be used.

This device is very secretive. They had an ID Clip that was code for meeting in a certain room as a secret group. These tests happened every six months for ten years with little success. Billions of dollars were spent on these experiments, but the portal could not be found. On the day of this experiment, the group decided to try a higher electrical voltage. This could damage of the machine into disrepair. They pushed the machine to 40 Tev, which had never been achieved before. Luckily for them, the core temperature of the machine was holding steady. The scientists started the particle collision but had to stop once emergency lightning kicked in.

The scientists gathered their wits and took inventory of any damage. No damage but one of the scientists, Father, disappeared leaving behind jewelry and clothing. Sounds like the Rapture to me!

So what has Cern discovered? We are not sure. Is it some time travel device to a different dimension. Where is Father? Is this the missing page to another universe? Was this a success? How can they get Father back? Is she alive or dead?