Is this a ‘bus-sized spider’ off the coast of Mexico? UFO hunters claim they’ve found a giant ‘insect’ on a remote island using Google Earth

Alien hunters claim to have found a giant spider using Google Earth.
The pictures show what appears to be a spider-shaped object, with nine legs instead of eight, on an island off the coast of Mexico.
But unlike most UFO sightings the group behind the claim has not posted co-ordinates, casting doubt on whether the picture is a genuine Google Earth screenshot.

The title of the video posted by ‘MexicoGeek’ describes the object as a giant insect.
But others have claimed it looks more like a crab or spider, because it has more than six legs.
The YouTube video was shared by the blog UFO Sightings Daily, a popular website among UFO and alien hunters.
‘The crab itself looks enormous, about the size of a bus,’ Scott Waring, who runs the blog, wrote.
‘At this size it would devour an entire person to satisfy its hunger.’

UFO spotters tend to post the Google Earth co-ordinates along with any unusual things they find, so that their fellow enthusiasts can check them out.
But this post does not include any co-ordinates, making some believe the photographs are a hoax.
‘No coordinates…hoax,’ said one commenter. ‘People like you love clickbait.’
If the photographs are genuine Google Earth screenshots, there are many explanations much more plausible than a never before seen species of giant spider.
In the picture there is no sense of whether the dark shadows are sticking out from the rocks or just markings on the rock.
It could be staining, growth of algae or the opening to a cave.

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