Nikola Tesla Reports In 1895 Incredible Experience, ” I Could See The PAST, PRESENT And FUTURE All At The Same Time ‘

In 1895, while conducting research with its transformer, Nikola Tesla had his first indications that time and space could be influenced by the use of a highly magnetic field.

Part of this disclosure came from Tesla’s examinations with radio frequencies and power transmission through the atmosphere. Simple Tesla discovery would, years later, lead to the infamous Philadelphia Experiment and time travel projects.

These ultra-secret military programs were to arise, Tesla made some fascinating discoveries about the nature of time and the real possibilities of time travel.

With these experiments in high-voltage electricity and magnetic fields, Tesla discovered that time and space could be violated or deformed, creating a “door” that could lead to other times. Tesla also discovered, through personal experience, the real dangers inherent with time travel.

The first Tesla experience with time travel was in March 1895. A reporter for the New York Herald wrote on March 13, he came across the inventor in a small café, looking shaken after being hit by 3.5 million volts, “I think you will not find me a pleasant companion tonight,” said Tesla, “the fact is that I almost died today. A spark jumped three feet in the air and took me here on the right shoulder. If my assistant had not turned off the power instantly, it could have been the end of me. “

Tesla, in contact with the resonance of electromagnetic charge, found himself out of his reference space / time window. But he was paralyzed within the electromagnetic field, unable to help himself. The repetition of the same incident would occur years later during the Philadelphia Experiment. The sailors involved were left outside your window space reference / time long with disastrous results.

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