Stephen Hawking Warns Do Not Contact Aliens Or They Will Destroy Humanity

Professor Stephen Hawking as given out a chilling warning about making the first contact with aliens as he believes that if contact is made aliens would kill humans and take over Earth.

Hawking believes that aliens are not going to like the first contact with humans from Earth and has warned that people should be hesitant to make contact. He went on to talk about the planet Gliese 832c, which is a very hot super-Earth that was found just earlier in the year and which is said to have the potential for supporting alien life.

Hawking Suggests Alien Contact Could Be Same As Columbus – Native American Meeting

Hawking said that one day earthlings could get a signal from such a planet but that people should be wary of answering back to any signal from alien life. He went on to say that meeting alien life that is advanced would be very much like Native Americans and Columbus first meeting. He pointed out that the meeting had not gone down well.

There is the possibility that alien life might turn out to be murdering marauders who go roaming about the cosmos to find planets to plunder and conquer and then go ahead and colonize them. This could mean the end of human life on Earth. This is not the first time that Professor Hawking has talked about his fears of contacting aliens. He first went on the Discovery Channel in 2010 and talked about aliens killing of humankind.

Hawking Also Spoke About Climate Change Temperatures Of 250 C

Hawking said that as he was getting older, he has become more convinced than ever that humans are not alone in the world and he is now leading a global effort to find out. It seems that Hawking is not just worried about life on Earth coming to an end by aliens. He has also spoken up about Earth becoming as hot as Venus if nothing is done about climate change. He said that Earth could become a hothouse that people would not be able to live on.

Hawking went on to talk about how President Donald Trump could make things worse as he made the decision to pull out of the Paris Climate agreement. Hawking believes that Earth is now at the tipping point and global warming will become something that cannot be reversed. The actions of Trump may be the push over the brink and temperatures could flare to 250 centigrade.

Many experts did not agree with Hawking and said that these temperatures would not occur due to the fact it is further from the Sun than Venus, and it also does not have an atmosphere made up of carbon dioxide that is as thick as that on Venus.