Tesla’s anti-gravity research in use in dozens of secretive military projects

It is believed that Boeing and Lockheed are already using numerous anti-gravity aerospace platforms. There are claims that advanced aerospace technology is already being utilized by Boeing.

Edward Snowden confirmed the claims that Boeing hides this fact. It is believed that the confirmation of this would prove that Nikola Tesla did discover anti-gravity.

If this is the case, it means that Nikola Tesla knew how to use the source of plentiful and free energy source. There are even others applications of anti-gravity.

Tesla even talked about his discovery in a lecture about his Dynamic Theory of Gravity. He said: “one of two far-reaching discoveries, which I worked out in all details in the years 1893 and 1894.”

In 1928, Tesla patented a flying machine similar to both a helicopter and an airplane.

While Tesla’s discovery was public, Boeing was limited in providing details about their anti-gravity projects. They revealed some pieces of information about working on a project that could change the conventional aerospace propulsion technology.

A former CEO of Lockheed Martin, Ben Rich, stated moments before passing away that aliens existed and that the US already has the ability to travel to the stars. This was a proof that such advanced technology inspired by Tesla’s work already existed.

It appears that knowledge of anti-gravity technology and free energy has been known for more than 130 years.

It was suggested by Theodore C. Loder, PhD that since the 1950’s that research into anti-gravity seems to be nonexistent. In addition to this, Professor Hermann Oberth stated the following:

“It is my thesis that flying saucers are real and that they are space ships from another solar system.”

“They are flying by the means of artificial fields of gravity… They produce high-tension electric charges in order to push the air out of their paths, so it does not start glowing, and strong magnetic fields to influence the ionized air at higher altitudes. First, this would explain their luminosity… Secondly, it would explain the noiselessness of UFO flight.”

John Hutchison worked on similar things as Tesla. His findings of highly-anomalous electromagnetic effect which causes the jellification of metals, spontaneous levitation of common substances, and other effects are in line with Tesla’s findings. The discovery of strange effects was named Hutchison effect.

Later on, the Hutchison effect was used by an engineer from Boeing Aerospace and Canadian government in the 1980 to create technology from his findings. The company was named Pharos’ Technology.

As is usually the case when silencing the curious, a Vancouver businessman, George Hathaway heard of the Hutchison effect around 1980, and hired an engineer from Boeing Aerospace to work with the Canadian government to form a company that would promote technology developed from the effect.

They called this company Pharos’ Technology. You likely haven’t heard of what they have created since then.

Doctor Richard Boylan decided to reveal his view and knowledge of these secret discoveries. He said:

“At this time, I am aware of the existence of 12 kinds of special technology advanced aerospace platforms [mil-speak for craft], all incorporating antigravity technology in some form.”

“These 12 are: the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber, the F-22 Raptor advanced stealth fighter, and its successor, the F-35 Lightning II advanced stealth fighter; the Aurora, Lockheed-Martin’s X-33A, the Lockheed X-22A two-man antigravity disc fighter, Boeing and Airbus Industries’ Nautilus, the TR3-A Pumpkinseed, the TR3-B Triangle , Northrop’s “Great Pumpkin” disc, Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical’s XH-75D Shark antigravity helicopter, and the Northrop Quantum Teleportation Disc.”

While the press has been trying to cover up the truth and keep it away from the public, the Aviation Report on several occasions talked about anti-gravity projects. It also named the list of companies doing research into anti-gravity technologies.

The Aviation Studies (International) Ltd. Report listed the quotes from the Aviation Report which point to the secret project going on at Boeing, Lockheed and other agencies.

If the existence of anti-gravity is made as public, it would substitute the existence of the outdated technology such as cars, electric grids and other fuel wasting objects.

In addition to this, the existence of anti-gravity would confirm Nikola Tesla’s claims that anti-gravity will enable space flights to other celestial objects.

The only problem with the existence of a free source of energy is that military industrial complexes are using it for their sole benefit. Instead, It should be made free and public.