The anti gravity space vehicles of the United States are made with extraterrestrial technology

Dr. Richard Boylan, Ph.D. Behavioral Scientist, anthropologist, associate professor, clinical hypnotherapist, consultant, and researcher, claims to have worked for over 15 years with people reporting having found intelligent extraterrestrial life forms.

He also says the government is aware of these extraterrestrial visitors. Boylan claims to know about exotic artifacts (military aircraft with extraterrestrial technology) built on reverse engineering (retro-engineering) that have antigravity technology. The scientist also claims that he knows 12 of these aircraft built with alien technology, then giving names and details. It also provides key data about the contact between humans and stellar visitors, all silenced by the global protection system.

“Scientifically and clinically, I have been working for over 15 years with people who report having found an intelligent extraterrestrial life form, a visiting star,” said Boylan. “During this work, I felt that it was necessary to learn as much as possible about the real UFO reality and what the government already knew about those visitors.”

“Because of the abundant information about the visitors of the stars and their meetings with humans, I began publishing my results, making presentations at national and international congresses, magazines and special media interviews, which in turn has attracted the attention of some figures, now or before, to highly ranked government sectors, military institutions and intelligence agencies.”