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Facebooker Records A Crystal Clear Video of Multiple UFOs While Driving Through The Desert In Arizona

Yesterday, a gentleman named Mauricio Morales posted some remarkable pictures on the internet that ended up going fairly viral across social media. They were snaps of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs, which does not mean they are extraterrestrial in origin). That being said, don’t be fooled, there is a tremendous amount of evidence pointing toward the fact that some of these UFOs, whose presence were officially acknowledged within the mainstream using declassified documents and hundreds of high ranking military/political whistleblowers, are indeed extraterrestrial in origin. There is ample evidence suggesting that many are ‘ours’…

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Dinosaur Lightning Takes a Bite Out of Arizona Sky

Are you afraid of lightning? No? Well, what about extreme electrical charges that take the shape of carnivorous dinosaurs? This natural wonder comes to the DNews Earth desk today via the Department of Interior, which tweeted the picture below of a lightning bolt over Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona: The National Park Service’s Hallie Larsen captured the shot, which looks just like a T. Rex, last seen roaming western North American about 70 million years ago. Lightning strikes can take all sorts of shapes, according to the web site…

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