5 Ancient Black Civilizations That Were Not in Africa

The Minoans Ancient Greece Archaeologist Manfred Bietak conducted extensive research on ancient Greek civilizations and their connections to ancient Egypt. Bietak unearthed evidence from artwork as early as 7000 B.C. that depicts the early people inhabiting Greece were of African descent. The Minoan culture of Ancient Greece reached its peak at about 1600 B.C. They were known for their vibrant cities, opulent palaces and established trade connections. Minoan artwork is recognized as a major era of visual achievement in art history. Pottery, sculptures and frescoes from the Minoan Bronze age…

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NASA Claims: Over 30 advanced civilizations have collapsed before us – Are we next?

The future of our civilization is uncertain. The existence of such uncertainty is even confirmed by a study conducted by NASA. NASA is interested in discovering the patterns within civilizations which lead to their downfall. Numerous stories exist on how an ancient advanced civilization became so progressive and dominant that it eventually collapsed.   You probably never noticed anything similar but such stories are true. The perfect example of that is France in the 18th century. Back then France was very powerful and influential. France was very progressive at that…

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