Discovery Of 9th Century Quranic Manuscripts Predate Columbus Travels By Five Centuries

For centuries it was believed that Christopher Columbus was the first man from the Old continent to cross the Atlantic to the New World, but new evidence from a research team from the University of Rhode Island suggests Muslim seafarers might just be the first people to have settled on the shores of America, a possibility that could rewrite history as we know it. The discovery completely took the researchers by surprise admits professor Evan Yuriesco, in charge of the research team. “We were expecting to find traces of prehistoric Native American…

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EVIDENCE: The Irish Found West Virginia Before Columbus Found America

This coming week, the entire nation will celebrate the life of Christopher Columbus, crediting him for “discovering” America in 1492 – but if you’re like me, you find this concept somewhat laughable in and of itself, as millions of people had already been living on the continent for thousands of years before Columbus was even conceived; however, we’ll save that debate for some other day! Instead, today, we’re going to explore the unimaginable, yet possible scenario in which Columbus’ voyage to the Caribbean was predated by nearly a thousand years…

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