Man Fell Into A Coma And Woke Up In The Year 3,906

An encounter that Paul Dienach says he had is fascinating, but there are some sceptics out there. Dienach became victim to a strange disease and fell into a coma in 1921 in Geneva and remained there for one year. When he woke up he said that his conscience had ventured out of his body and gone into that of a man who was living during the year 3906. Dienach wrote down everything that he heard, felt and saw during this time and the memories have been turned into a book…

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Man Wakes Up From A 12-Year Coma And Reveals This Chilling Secret

Thinking about what happens after we die can be pretty frightening, which is why I love stories that make us really think about how we want to spend our time here on Earth. We’ve seen some pretty unbelievable-yet-true tales here at LittleThings, like the new mother who came back to life after childbirth when she felt her newborn’s heart beat on her chest. There’s just no other way to describe it than a miracle. However, when a person is suffering for such a long time, it can be easy for people close to…

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