The Two-Headed Dog Created By Soviet Scientists

20th Century Russian Scientist Made a Dog With Two Heads. Vladimir Demikhov, a visionary of early transplant experimentation, conducted many such transplants throughout his career, which culminated in his creation of many two-headed dogs in the 1950’s. Beginning with heart and lung transplants between animals, he eventually set his sights on the more lofty goal of removing the head of a living dog and transplanting it onto another living dog. Conducting this procedure more than twenty times, he generally used dogs of different breeds and usually, a small dog’s head…

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2,000-Year-Old Dog Graveyard Discovered in Siberia

The carefully buried remains of five dogs were recently found in a 2,000-year-old doggy graveyard near the Arctic Circle in Siberia, according to archaeologists. This discovery at the Ust-Polui archaeological site, in Salekhard, Russia, reveals close relationships between the region’s people and their animal “best friends” two millennia B.C. The dogs likely served as pets, workers and sources of food — and possibly as sacrificial offerings in religious ceremonies, the researchers said. “The role of dogs at Ust-Polui is really complex and variable,” Robert Losey, an archaeologist at the University…

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