Space X Falcon Heavy launch – UFO caught on camera

During yesterday’s launch of Space X’ Falcon heavy rocket a UFO appeared on screen during the live feed. Right after the capsule’s walls were jettisoned and Starman was revealed we can see a dark object in the background that seems to be in a lower orbit around earth. This object does not resembles the ice particles that appeared later during the live feed of Starman cruising through space. This object at a low orbit around earth. Source

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The descent and landing of the Falcon 9 booster after yesterday’s launch

This never gets old. What Elon Musk has to be admired for is (and I realize there are hundreds of talented engineers and businessmen on this) seeing a problem in this world and trying to genuinely do something about it. Solar roof panels and EVs aren’t a revolution but goddamn it, he made it one. And for that my hat will always be off for him. And a lot of NASA engineers said this wouldn’t work. They laughed at the idea. But he has done it. SpaceX has done it….

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