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Treasure hunters in Germany believe they found the long lost Amber Room

It’s been nearly seven decades since it vanished; people worldwide are beginning to search for it again – the Amber Room. The Amber Room was stolen from Leningrad in 1941, by the Nazis. Two German treasure hunters claim that some of the room panels, which were given by Kaiser Friedrich Wilhelm to Tsar Peter the Great 300 years ago, were hidden in a cellar of a Bohemian Castle. It is believed that those panels were hidden toward the end of the Second World War. What is interesting is that the…

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Germany is about to start up a monster machine that could revolutionize the way we use energy

For more than 60 years, scientists have dreamed of a clean, inexhaustible energy source in the form of nuclear fusion. And they’re still dreaming. But thanks to the efforts of the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, experts hope that might soon change. Last year, after 1.1 million construction hours, the institute completed the world’s largest nuclear-fusion machine of its kind, called a stellarator. The machine, which has a diameter of 52 feet, is called the W7-X. And after more than a year of tests, engineers are finally ready to…

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