Science Has Found Evidence Of God; Scientists Confused. Watch And Be Amazed!

Scientists have been discovering about how life began on earth. Surprisingly, all the evidences they’ve discovered points out to the existence of a Creator or a Supreme Intelligent Being who perfectly engineered everything that exists in the Universe. Instead of disproving the existence of God, most scientists concluded that the more they discovered about the beginning of Life, the more it proves Genesis 1:1 in the Bible “In the beginning God created the Heavens and the earth.” Even Scientists said that the coding behind DNA reveals such intelligence that it…

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One Of The Most Respected Scientists Of Today Claims He Has Found Definitive Proof That God Exists

He has found an evidence of the action of a force “that governs everything.” The theoretical physicist Michio Kaku claims to have developed a theory that might point to the existence of God. The information has created a great stir in the scientific community because Kaku is considered one of the most important scientists of our times, one of the creators and developers of the revolutionary String Theory which is highly respected throughout the world. To come to his conclusions, the physicist made use of what he calls “primitive semi –…

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Scientific Proof God Did The Miracle Of Parting The Red Sea

The Red Sea is a massive body of water once parted by Moses so that the Israelites could safely escape the Egyptian army. Once the Israelites crossed to safety the sea crashed upon the Egyptians. Leaving their artifacts to be found at the bottom of the Red Sea and providing undeniable proof that the Hand of God was at work. Diving down to the ocean floor they find Egyptian artifacts. Scuba-divers find chariots, wheels, horse remains, and human bones laying at the bottom of the sea floor following along the same path Moses…

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