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98% of African Americans Are In Fact Native Indians And Are Owed Millions

The tens of millions of Black Americans, or rather Indians, who ‘disappeared’ after 1492 did not all die in the ‘holocaust’ inflicted within America. Hundreds of thousands were shipped to Europe and Africa as Indian slaves. The whole slave trade story was given to all of us in reverse. A mass colony of Africans were not shipped from Africa to America. The truth is that Black Indians were shipped from America to Europe! They were then shipped from Spain to Africa as commodity for African resources. These Black Indians, now…

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Many legends of various Native American tribes, from the Comanches in the north to the manteños in the south, speak of a mysterious race of giant white skin were wiped from the face of the earth. Choctaw In his book “History of the Choctaw Indians, Chickasaw and Natchez” (1899), Horatio Bardwell Cushman writes: “The tradition of the Choctaw that has long been a race of giants inhabited what is now the State of Tennessee, beings with which their ancestors fought when migrated from the west … its tradition states that…

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