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Irish worker discovers ancient manuscript that links Irish church to Egypt

In 2006 an Irish worker discovered an amazing find while digging in a bog with his backhoe at Fadden More. Sticking out of the earth was an ancient manuscript, miraculously intact after more than a thousand years. Archeologists were quickly notified and carefully retrieved the manuscript and began at once investigating it and putting the pieces together. Senior conservator John Gillis stated, “We never before had to deal with a manuscript recovered from a bog,” and said its survival after all these years in such an environment was “miraculous.” It took…

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EVIDENCE: The Irish Found West Virginia Before Columbus Found America

This coming week, the entire nation will celebrate the life of Christopher Columbus, crediting him for “discovering” America in 1492 – but if you’re like me, you find this concept somewhat laughable in and of itself, as millions of people had already been living on the continent for thousands of years before Columbus was even conceived; however, we’ll save that debate for some other day! Instead, today, we’re going to explore the unimaginable, yet possible scenario in which Columbus’ voyage to the Caribbean was predated by nearly a thousand years…

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