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Archaeologists have been unable to determine the use or purpose of an 8.5 kilogram gold tool discovered in a Jerusalem cemetery. The object was found in a Jerusalem cemetery about six months ago and the first suspicion was that it would be an explosive device, says The Guardian. The police were called to the cemetery and the bomb disarmament team proceeded to a controlled explosion of the object but this one was absolutely intact. After that, the Israeli Antiquities Authority technicians undertook several examinations, analyzing the constitution of their materials,…

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UFO And Alien Egyptian Artifacts Discovered In Jerusalem Kept Secret By Rockefeller Museum

Alien and UFO circles are abuzz with claims of remarkable ancient Egyptian artifacts discovered in the former Jerusalem home of the famous Egyptologist Sir William Petrie, items that “could rewrite ancient Egyptian history” and indeed the history of the world. A YouTube video released by the website Paranormal Crucible purports to show ancient Egyptian sculpture artifacts originally found in the “Giza complex,” but reportedly taken away from Petrie’s Jerusalem home by representatives of the Rockefeller Archaeological Museum shortly after they were found. According to the Shepard Ambellas, editor-in-chief of the “alternative news” website…

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‘Burial slab’ of Jesus found in Jerusalem church

Researchers recently uncovered a stone burial slab which many believe Jesus Christ’s body may have been laid on following his death. The original surface of the tomb was uncovered in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City of Jerusalem during restoration work and has been covered by marble cladding since at least 1555 A.D., National Geographic reports.  The marble cover was pulled back, and researchers were surprised by the amount of fill material beneath the covering, Fredrik Hiebert, an archaeologist-in-residence at the National Geographic Society, and a…

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