Did Nostradamus predict the Black Knight Satellite?

According to a quote attributed to Nostradamus, it is believed the French prophet said that ‘Mankind will discover objects in space sent to us by the watchers. For years the Black Knight satellite has caused a huge debate among people on social networks, blogs, and websites. It is believed that there is an object, called the Black Knight Satellite, located in polar orbit around our planet. While many believe –and are probably right— that the object is nothing more than space debris, others firmly believe the Black Knight Satellite is an alien…

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Nostradamus Prediction : All of Russia will embrace Hinduism, Hindu leader will bind Asia together

Nostradamus, the famed 8th century French scholar, continue to amaze the world with his predictions which often turned out to be true. Over 800 of his forecasts were fulfilled in the last 400 years, and among which was the prediction that the British empire would collapse in 1942. The Quit India movement gave a huge setback to the British imperialist forces. He had also predicted the annihilation of Nazis for the mass murder of Jews. What is of particular interest to India is that he saw a bright future for…

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