Philadelphia Experiment – The Real Story Here

The Philadelphia Experiment is an event during 1943 in which the United States Navy purportedly teleported a Navy destroyer escort, the USS Eldridge, from Philadelphia to Norfolk. They also made it invisible – as in, to the naked eye. Most people believe the incident was either a hoax or the ravings of a lunatic, however, some still believe that it may have really occurred and that there is a large conspiracy to cover it up. What is interesting is that the tale of the Philadelphia Experiment has made it into…

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The Philadelphia experiment is one of the most bizarre events in recent history. While working on a way to cloak their vessels from enemy radars and mines, the Navy accidentally triggered a chain event involving phase-shifting, invisibility, and even the teleportation of an entire ship. In 1943, the US Navy conducted an experiment on the USS Eldridge at the Philadelphia Navy yard. There are different rumors concerning the exact nature of the test, some of them involving magnetic invisibility, radar invisibility, optical cover-up, or degaussing – making the ship immune…

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Weird Cloud-Like UFO Glides Through Sky In Philadelphia

Glancing up at the sky in Philadelphia the object gliding in the sky looks like a cloud at first. However, a video that was taken by a resident during the weekend of July 4th shows that this might not be a simple mass of vapor of water particles that are floating, it may be a UFO. Cloud-Like UFO Had Sparkling Lights Inside It When Garcia was focused on the object in the sky, he also talked about what he was looking at, and he described seeing sparkling lights in it.…

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