Forget Trump, A Secret Army Of UFOs Is About To Attack From Under The Sea

Brexit, Toblerone, Donald Trump – then, just when you thought things couldn’t get worse, an alien army attacks us all from under the sea. Or at least that’s the theory behind a new book by Paul Stonehill and Philip Mantle – which claims that there’s a ‘secret army’ of Unidentified Submerged Objects ready to attack at any time. UFO Mania says, ‘For decades now, these mysterious objects have been sighted in lakes. The USOs will not simply go away. ‘Our knowledge of the world beneath the waves is limited. Here’s…

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Trump Wanted NASA to Fly Past the Moon and They Just Said “No”

Not many people – and certainly not many government agencies – have the opportunity to say “no” to the president. However, NASA’s acting director, Robert M. Lightfoot Jr., might be living your wildest fantasy: he just outright denied Donald Trump something he requested. According to The New York Times, Lightfoot and his team at NASA recently rejected Trump’s desire to add more crew to its Space Launch System’s first flight. Citing cost and time, Lightfoot conceded that the White House’s request was “technically feasible,” but it would set the mission…

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