Was the ‘original’ Stonehenge located in Wales? Well a new study claims exactly that!

Various studies and subsequent researching has more or less established that the smaller bluestones (still weighing at around 2 tons each) of the Stonehenge were sourced from the Preseli Hills in Wales. But till now, most historians believed that these stone blocks were cut out and then simply transported all the way from Wales to the present location of the Stonehenge in the famous Wiltshire site, over a distance of 140 miles (225 km). However a new study (conducted by the collaborative effort of University London College, University of Manchester, Bournemouth University,…

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Roman gold finger ring with intaglio of Roman god Mercury among treasures declared in Wales

A new set of archaeological treasures have just been declared after being found in Wales. Here are three of them A Roman gold finger ring © National Museum Wales This ring has a form typical of the third century AD, with a narrow angled hoop expanding markedly to form triangular shoulders either side of a setting containing a dark blue intaglio (carved gemstone). The intaglio has image of a standing figure – probably the Roman god Mercury – carved inside. It was found on farm land in the Community of…

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