Chester Bennington (Linkin Park Vocal) saw a UFO before he Died (Real Story – Video Interview)

Chester Bennington saw a UFO at Arizona before he died. There are many conspiracies going on in this matter.

During an interview with a presenter from, the 41-year-old Linkin Park frontman made the confession that he witnessed a UFO in the skies over Arizona.

When the presenter asked Chester Bennington if it was true, Chester said that it was one million percent true and although he couldn’t put a logical explanation together, he remembered what he saw knowing it wasn’t man-made.

It seems more and more celebrities start to reveal their ‘UFO encounters’, what to think about the recent interview where Keshna an American singer and songwriter talks with the presenters of the Zach Sang show about her recently experienced UFO sighting.

We might wonder whether they speak spontaneously about their ‘UFO encounters’ or there is a reason behind their confessions.

It’s known that celebrities are easy targets for mind control programs. There’s a mind control program within MK Ultra known as ‘last days programming’ and it’s said that celebrities are prominently involved in this MK Ultra mind control program.

It’s believed Chester Bennington was facing some problems in his life after the UFO incident and God knows what was his reason to commit suicide.