Leaked Military Footage Reveals Incredible UFO Chase Over Puerto Rico

This video shows a very rare case of a UFO encounter, amplified by the fact that the disc-shaped craft is flying over a populated area at a relatively low altitude.

While on a routine patrol, the pilot of a Black Hawk helicopter belonging to the Aguadilla Coast Guard was roaming the area when he saw a strange red light over the airport.

At first sight, the crew thought they were dealing with a rogue aircraft trespassing the Puerto Rican airspace, so they immediately decided to pursue the UFO, and at the same time recording via the IR camera installed on the aircraft.

The UFO circled the airport and then continued its flight over a crowded area full of roads and houses. Flying at a very high speed, it crossed all the way to the ocean where it mysteriously submerged, losing trail

Before you watch this, make sure you keep an eye out at 01:24 (timer displayed in upper left corner), when another UFO comes out of the ocean, joining formation with the original one, before both objects smoothly descend into the water, seemingly unaffected by the hydrodynamic forces.

There is no doubt about the authenticity of this video, as the helicopter’s crew who recorded all this were not the only witnesses – Aguadilla tower controllers also saw the speeding object and tracked it on radar, so there is consistent evidence coming brom both the witnesses and the tracking gear.

The video belonged to the military records and it was leaked by a man from the inside who wants to bring as much awareness as possible regarding the UFO phenomenon.

When it comes to identifying the origins of the craft, most UFO analysts agree upon its artificial nature. It has a reflective material that’s seen when the camera installed on the helicopter is focusing on it. Other characteristics such as the tremendous speed at which it travels indicates that it cannot be a human design. Ultimately, the ability to submerge after a heated chase over the city clears all doubts of the UFO being terrestrial.

Local beliefs and events indicate the fact that Puerto Rico’s surroundings is home to an underwater alien base, used either to provide shelter or as a safe passage leading inside the inner Earth.

This theory is backed-up by the local discoveries of deep caves and crevices, and the underwater cave system that’s interconnected, forming a complex tunnel which goes below the sea and further in land. So, is it possible that UFOs have a secret “highway” of their own that connects strategic points on both the land and sea?

Analysts consider this to be a possibility because such places are extremely difficult to reach for us, and because of this reason most of them remain unexplored and uncharted.

Overall, we presume that there are other major UFO and alien files locked up by the government or military in order to maintain silence and hide the truth about their existence.