NASA announcement after ‘Anonymous’ claims space agency is about to CONFIRM aliens exist

NASA has released a statement after a video reportedly produced by hactivist group Anonymous said the US space agency was about to reveal that intelligent aliens exist.

The official comments, however, will upset alien chasers who had hoped there had been a real disclosure made by the hactivists.

Laurie Cantillo, NASA Lead Communications Specialist, said in a statement to Fox News: “While we’re excited about the latest findings from NASA’s Kepler space observatory, there’s no pending announcement regarding extraterrestrial life.

“For years NASA has expressed interest in searching for signs of life beyond Earth.

“We have a number of science missions that are moving forward with the goal of seeking signs of past and present life on Mars and ocean worlds in the outer solar system.

“While we do not yet have answers, we will continue to work to address the fundamental question, ‘are we alone?’”

EIt was reported yesterday that Anonymous had announced: “NASA says aliens are coming!”

The emergence of the video made headlines across the globe yesterday.

However, worse still, the video was a hoax, and not even a genuine Anonymous video.

The video was made by YouTube channel Anonymous Global, which has made itself look like the YouTube account of the genuine hactivist group, famed for its hacks on official authorities, and its Million Mask Marches across the globe.

Anonymous has previously said there are many other people claiming to be part of the group who are not.

The video based its assertion on a recent meeting of the US Science Space and Technology Committee.

It was there that Professor Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator for the Science Mission Directorate, said the world was “on the verge of making one of the most profound, unprecedented, discoveries in history”.

But Mr Zurbuchen’s genuine remarks had been publicly made and previously reported.

He was referring to the space agency’s expectations of finding simple microorganisms of alien life somewhere in the solar system over the next few decades.


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