NASA Denies Mars Slave Colony Exists, Despite Claims of Ex-CIA Agent and Whistleblowers

Despite the high strangeness of alleged Mars slave colonies, there are several people who’ve claimed that they exist. Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, the great-granddaughter of the former president bearing the same name, said she was recruited to join a Mars colony supposedly for the continuity of the human race. In addition, several other alleged secret space program insiders, such as Randy Cramer and Corey Goode, to name a few, also assert that for decades, various secret government programs have abducted millions of people and moved them to the barren planet. Recruits are told they will live in technological opulence, only to discover upon their arrival that the colony is managed as a slave plantation. So if these claims are so unbelievable, why did NASA bother to respond to them?

The likely answer is that the public is taking these things seriously.

Consider that at least half the population actively believes in the existence of extraterrestrial life, according to a 2015 Newsweek poll. And another poll suggests that up to 38% of Americans doubt the official explanation of the September 11th, 2001 attacks, with an outspoken 10% who don’t believe it at all.

Now consider that in 2016, only 55% of Americans voted in the presidential election. What these statistics suggest is that the people are highly skeptical of officialdom. What’s more, the rising popularity of TV shows like Ancient Aliens, UFO Youtubers, and alien-inspired media in general, suggests people are overwhelmingly curious about these topics and the conspiracies surrounding them.

Finally, the government, media, and academia continue to suffer losses of credibility, as the age of the internet makes it easy for the average person to debunk official propaganda.

All this and more paints a picture of discontent and mistrust of government by the people, who are slowly beginning to recognize the magnitude of official and institutionalized deception. As a reaction, free-thinkers are more willing to entertain seemingly wild theories, like a Mars colony peopled with slaves from earth.

Although no concrete evidence has emerged to confirm such a claim, there continues to be a mounting interest in this topic. And there is a staggering amount of evidence to suggest secret space programs exist and have actively been covered up by governments the world over.

In the following related article, the You just wait Boeing advertisement is analyzed, revealing obvious allusions to colonies existing on Mars.

So when an ex-CIA man goes on one of the most influential alternative media shows, The Alex Jones Show, claiming that NASA is operating a slave colony on Mars, the powers that be take notice.

While denial of a claim isn’t proof of what is denied, given all the available evidence of highly advanced deep black government projects, like what is revealed in Dr. Steven Greer’s latest film Unacknowledged, it suggests some kind of coverup is taking place.

At this stage, these claims of a Mars colony remain unconfirmed, but not refuted.

The jury is still out and as a people, we’ll have to get used to uncertainty. Some say that because certain claims can’t be verified, they should automatically be dismissed as untrue. But such an approach isn’t honest or scientific, and it prevents inquiring minds from making contact with emergent information.

Consider the following.

A Discernment Trap to Watch out for…

Discernment is the term referring to the intellectual process of separating the wheat from the chaff, the process by which individuals uncover truth embedded within seemingly false things.

Therefore, just because it’s hard to discern the truth in things like whistleblower testimony, doesn’t mean that there isn’t truth there to uncover. Some “researchers” claim that whistleblower testimony or personal anecdotes are all “bunk” because it’s hard to separate fact from fiction, and people have been known to make up stories. But to assert that all such testimony is false just because we don’t have the skills to discern it is decidedly unobjective and erroneous. And not everyone is making up stories. That’s like saying because we can’t prove that people see images and have experiences when dreaming, all claims of dreams are hoaxes. But that clearly isn’t the case.

I think some researchers like to hold this rigid black-and-white position because it makes them look more authoritative. But the key word here is look—such lazy thinking and analysis actually reveals the opposite quality. One who would be so flippant with their judgements is decidedly unauthoritative with respect to a body of information. Anyone can dismiss information for less than objective reasons, but an honest researcher, and presenter, will be upfront about what they do or do not know—and encourage you to do your own research.

So be careful what “experts” you blindly believe. Because people who dismiss whole bodies of information based on only logical suppositions or ideology arguments, haven’t learned how to discern the truth in all things yet. (I’m not saying this as an elitist, just making a statement of fact.) In my estimation, all information, no matter how seemingly untrue or fallacious, contains the truth. A web of lies is woven with strands of truth, and only by examining things carefully, honestly, and completely, can the whole truth about a thing be seen.

– Justin

Source – Daily Mail