Nostradamus predicted an alien invasion in 2017

Nostradamus, famous for his accurate predictions, left behind a creative legacy-the quatrain, which has for centuries commentators see something quite amazing that goes beyond simple coincidence. Time passes and a new generation discovers a new understanding of the previously described phrases.

It happened at this time, there was a Mr. Chase, who saw in the book of revelation the great Nostradamus, the alien attack in 2017. In the opinion of the interpreter of the quatrain, the aliens are preparing for a major assault on Earth within the next year. Mr. chase claims that he was able to decipher the prophecies of Nostradamus the book of revelation.

According to the author as soon as I start the third world war, then come to Earth by aliens. This event is timed in prophecy for the second coming of Christ to be true until 2020. Putin will win the alien army and take over the planet that people lived peacefully. Aliens, posthouses on the Ground will change our DNA and make us more relaxed, for a long and happy life. Putin is described in the prophecy as the man responsible for starting world war III.

Mr. Chase, said, “In Revelation 19 speaks about UFO invasion – “I saw the heavens open and the armies of heaven followed on white horses””. White horses could well be a UFO or Christ and his fleet arrived to defeat the Antichrist at the battle of Armageddon,” muses Mr. chase. He also says that “the description of the creation of the new Jerusalem in Revelation 21, most likely, a giant alien city, who came to earth from another dimension as a base.