Official NASA Video of “The Boomerang”: Space debris, UFO or some other unidentified object?

The UFO community is thrilled with the new video of alien activity. The video was published by NASA and it reveals the presence of the UFO in the vicinity of the STS-114 mission.

This sighting was documented when NASA was filming its latest technical improvements and safety measures installed after they experienced a tragic loss of Space Shuttle Colombia on February 2013.


When Space Shuttle Discovery was sent to space on a two weeks journey, NASA probably never expected to come across an unusual space object.

At that time,  the STS-14 mission experienced some issues. The analyst at NASA saw that a piece of foam fell from the external tank and the crew members eventually confirmed the problem.

While a crew member was trying to fix the issue by using an extensive robotic arm, an unusual object was filmed.


The cameras installed on the pacecraft caught a glimpse of this object while it was law-defying maneuvers. Numerous cameras were installed on the spacecraft as part of its improvements.

The UFO looked like space debris, at first. However, its distinguishing characteristics were noticeable after a while. The UFO looked like a white and shiny object, and the black vastness of space only emphasized its characteristics.

The UFO performed a stunning turning maneuver which only confirmed that it was not just a piece of space debris. The turning maneuver seems to defy the existing laws of physics.

The previously mentioned video will confirm such claim.

If we take into account the following Newton’s Laws of Motion: “An object set into motion in the vacuum of space will continue forever in the same course, unless acted upon by an outside force”, it’s obvious that the observed anomaly obviously defies this notion as it is obvious that the UFO is seen altering its direction. The UFO was named “The Boomerang” as it follows a curved trajectory.

Based on the official NASA explanation of this encounters, it was merely a piece of space debris. However, the UFO community is skeptical about this.

A lot of people believe that NASA is trying to conceal the alien presence and it is possible that it is the case with this story, too.

Whether it is true or not, this video is another piece of evidence that numerous unidentified objects can be observed in vicinity of NASA’s official missions.