One of American citizens who are very passionate about astronomy saved over the last 15 years a huge amount of photographs of NASA, as they were originally published. A closer look at some of them reveals some disturbing truths that can not be denied nor ignored.

NASA later be removed some photos of those who were exposed or kept them, but at a much lower resolution, so the details could no longer be observed. This was also the case with a photo that captures an alien base on the moon, near Bessel crater north of the area called Mara Serenitatis.
NASA surprise us but with some photos that were posted after they have been made by astronauts sent into space, showing clearly flying alien ships (UFOs). Dr. Franklin Roach said that after carefully analyzed the pictures and videos on the subject that have been made available and presented its findings in his book Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects, showing that when they astronauts in orbit accomplished, as witnesses, observations very detailed, clear and precise, the alien space ships. NASA later denied, however, explaining that in fact those appearances were just “scrap” and “fragments” floating through space. This “explanation” was however repeatedly ruled out by numerous experts in various fields.
From the plethora of evidence have been gathered over time, mention the story of the crew of Mission STS-48 of the space shuttle Discovery, which on September 15, 1991 reported that he saw a flash of light and then several unidentified flying objects swarming in obviously shuttle flight control around them. NASA explained those “objects” as ice particles. Other revealing some photos can be viewed here, accompanied by an appropriate comment.
 During STS-75 mission, astronauts on the shuttle Columbia witnessed hundreds of UFOs flew around their nevetei. They photographed and filmed the event in detail. The incident was classified by NASA in the “unknown” and “secret” and filming account appears never been presented so far to be studied.
NASA confirms: “There are powers greater than we assumed”
Von Braun, creator of the American Apollo program, stated in 1959 that: “We are dealing with powers that are much higher than we assumed so far, and whose base of operations is unknown to us.” I wonder what kind of powers referred von Braun? Somehow the extraterrestrial?
  • “Someone else is on the Moon”
Having examined carefully the photos sent spacecraft Orbiter 3 and its predecessor, Orbiter 2 American author George Leonard wrote a book entitled “Someone else is on the Moon”. George Leonard has presented many pictures in his book, some containing several “routes” that would have been made by aliens.
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