The Truth About Two Fighter Jets Chasing A UFO In Williamtown

In 1983, Geoff Masters and his son saw a UFO being chased by jets in the sky near his house. He said that the chase lasted for at least 10 minutes. The UFO escaped the army and the Jets came back to the Williamtown base empty-handed. The event took place at Williamtown in Australia. The UFO changed position at his will almost instantaneously to evade his chasers.

Why are talking about this today?

Because in 2012, the “Newcastle Herald” reported some secrets about UFO including that particular event over the Williamtown’s sky.

In mascot, there were some radar contacts on screens. Some senior employees there said that those flyings objects traveled between 1100 kmh and 6500 kms and at about 70 to 150 nautical miles near Sydney. As a matter of fact, let us keep in mind that Port Stephens, is around that distance from Sydney at about 80 miles.

Geoff said that he saw, again, some UFO at Amberley RAAF Base in Queensland on the same night that the Williamtown event. He is sure that it’s the same UFO. He said that the speed that he saw the UFO traveling would corroborate the fact that the same UFO would have been seen at Amberley RAAF Base minutes after it was at Williamtown.

Again, Geoff with another sighting. He saw a UFO that he described being like an orange ball, near Norah Head Lighthouse in 1962 or 1963. He saw the flying object while being on a fishing adventure with his friend. He said the flying vehicle was about 100 meter in diameter and emits some strange beam into the water. The beam stayed there some minutes then disappears. The object then started to move very slowly only to, seconds after, disappear in the sky.

Geoff saw a lot of things in his life, all of it was with UFO related. You just have to wonder if you can trust someone’s only parole with no one to corroborate his saying.