TR-3B UFO over the U.S base of Antarctica Mc. Murdo Station

The TR-3 3B Blanket Black is the name of a surveillance aircraft of the United States Air Force, it is speculated to be developed under a black project.For the past five years, an article has been circulating on the internet that talks about the supposed discovery, by “European and American researchers”, of “ancient pyramids made by man under the thick layer of ice and snow of Antarctica”.

The note, accompanied by this video in which you see light’s formation similar to the monumental Egyptian buildings, ensures that the discovery could “change our perception of human history forever.”

In the collective imagination persist beliefs that Antarctica there are hidden secrets related to extraterrestrial research.

For years there has been an article circulating on the Internet that talks about the supposed discovery of “ancient pyramids made by man” that are nothing more than a crystalline structure of rocks.

You can also find thousands of pages on the internet that speak of the observation of UFO parades.