UFOs and the disappeared aircraft

With the development of aviation inexplicable sad fate of the disappeared ships spread to the crews of different companies and countries. The most active this topic has been tracked in the United States press.

Nephew steel industrial magnate Andrew Carnegie Whitfield 17 APR 1938 took off from the airfield of Roosevelt on long island, but to another airport located at 22 miles, his plane never made it. Fuel is quite should be enough for 150 miles.

The whole area with that radius have been carefully studied, but traces of the crash were not available. By the way, the area was very densely populated, so the crash probably would have known. Explanations in the spirit of “Kommersant just got lost” was swept away other pilots, for flight practice Whitefield to the time of the disappearance was 200 hours. However, neither he nor the plane was never seen again…

20 km from the Korean island Chodo (80 km South-West of Pyongyang), 2 July 1953 missing American fighter, piloted by Lieutenant B. Beek, the last words which were: “By flying red balls!..”

In November (according to other sources — 23 Feb) 1953 on an American air force base Kinross (Michigan) has gone all-weather interceptor, the F-89C, piloted by Lieutenant Wilson. In the sky above lake Superior locator recorded the convergence of the plane with a UFO, and then the disappearance of both marks. It is not excluded as a collision of vehicles in the air and the hijacking of an unidentified object. No trace of the F-89C neither on earth nor in the lake is still not found.

In July of 1954 in the state of new York the F-94C with the secret electronic equipment, with a crew consisting of pilot, captain Suggs, and the radar operator Lieutenant Barkov performed scheduled flight. According to the testimony of the pilot, at an altitude of 450 m during the interception, the engine (from the message unclear — one or both at once) stopped.

Electronics has failed. The plane began to dive. First Lieutenant and then captain ejected. The plane, which was supposed to break near the landing site of the crew (in this case, the pilots survived), looking for the most persevering manner within three months from the ground and from the air — was not found! All this happened in a densely populated area in the peak tourist season.

In 1955, near Sargent hill missing military transport plane with 26 passengers on Board. The researchers asserted that he had disappeared after meeting with a fast-flying UFO.

At the end of 1972, three of the aircraft disappeared in the United States. Four of the radar station (radar) on the ground and a transport plane in flight observed in the air UFO, the intercept of which was sent to the link. After the goal pursued three fighters flew in a big cloud… and vanished from radar screens, though the mark of a UFO for a long time was monitored by the operators.

In March 1974, near the Kirtland air base (new Mexico) from three ground-based radar has detected an unknown object near a conducting a training flight military aircraft. The marks on the radar screen converged and merged, and then one mark with great speed withdrew. Search operations were not successful.

In calgary (Canada) from three UFO moving in the direction of the United States, was detected by radar at an altitude of about 5 km, the pilot of the interceptor reported that sees the goal and… immediately gave the distress signal. At the same moment marker of the aircraft disappeared from radar screens. Despite searches, no pilot, no wreckage was found.

In the summer of 1981 at the meeting, the chief of staff of the Turkestan military district read a combat report of the commander of fighter aviation regiment PVO enterprises. It was reported that the airfield of the regiment “at the height of more than 7 km hung unknown aircraft, cigar-shaped, with dimensions of approximately 100 x 200 [in the documents].”

In the air were lifted on duty a couple of planes. The pilot of the lead plane fired two missiles. Almost at the same moment mark of the aircraft and its missiles disappeared from the radar screens tracking. Pilot wingman interceptor saw how they disappeared. No signs of drops or debris of the aircraft and the missiles were found.

Of course, it can be argued that the loss of pilots and crews is understandable: lost control and crashed. However, these are only cases where there was found no indication of a crash.

In the area of the Bass Strait South of Melbourne (Australia) 21 Oct 1978 22-year-old pilot Frederick Valentich was flying in 18:19 “Cessna-182” in the South-South-West, not knowing that from 14:00 to 18:45 over the Strait saw two cigar-shaped object.

UFOs were observed from the ground and during the flight, Valentina, at the moment when he began to receive disturbing reports. 19:12 he last made contact: “I Go to king island… Melbourne, that strange aircraft again over me…” Silence for 2 seconds… “He hung… and it’s not a plane… Melbourne…”.

The silence, the hand of the pilot 17 seconds holding the button on the microphone, making the speakers heard a strange metal grinding sound, consisting, as calculated later, from P6 clearly different from other sounds. As stated by Dr. R. Hynes NASA, these sounds were not similar to those that can be obtained by manipulating the microphone…

19:33 began the search for “Cessna”, which was attended by 9 aircraft. Meanwhile, when the plane Valentich did not from earth still saw the strange object, and in nearby settlements junk and not tuned TV. The weather was clear, the search lasted for 5 days but no sign of the disaster in a radius of 1700 km was found.