Weird Cloud-Like UFO Glides Through Sky In Philadelphia

Glancing up at the sky in Philadelphia the object gliding in the sky looks like a cloud at first. However, a video that was taken by a resident during the weekend of July 4th shows that this might not be a simple mass of vapor of water particles that are floating, it may be a UFO.

Cloud-Like UFO Had Sparkling Lights Inside It

When Garcia was focused on the object in the sky, he also talked about what he was looking at, and he described seeing sparkling lights in it. The cloud-like UFO moved very slowly, gliding, through the sky and it also tumbled in a way that it revealed transparency and had lights that twinkled inside it. This is not just an ordinary cloud.

Garcia held an interview with a news station in Philadelphia and said that he had gone outside on 5 July and looked up into the sky and this is when he saw the odd object and decided to record it using his cell phone. He said that as he started to record the UFO, it began to move and seemed to come down. When he zoomed in on it, the object began to swerve and then started to move to the side. He admitted that even while he was looking at it he did not know what the cloud-like object was and he was shocked.

The news station said that they had heard many stories and explanations for the cloud-like object, including it being a strange cloud, soap suds and a large bag floating in the sky.

How Did Garcia Manage To Get Such A Smooth Video On His Cell Phone?

There is one thing that is puzzling many, and this is why Garcia did not try to find the location of the object when it went down behind buildings. You would have thought that he would have gone exploring in the hopes of finding whatever it was on the ground. Another question that was raised was how he managed to keep track of the obje ct, even when zooming in and get a smooth video? Some have said that the only way would have been if he had the camera on a tripod and he would have had to set it up prior to filming. However, Garcia said that he had used his cell phone to record the video.

The video is either just what it appears to be, a UFO disguised as a cloud floating over the neighborhood of Garcia, or it is a Photoshop or GCI trick. When the news team was on air, they said that the location of the sighting was at the intersection of 7th and Tioga Streets in North Philadelphia. However, at least two other media sources have said that the sighting of the cloud like UFO took place in New York and Garcia lives in New York. There have been two different media headlines online, so it seems that there is some confusion about where the incident actually took place.