• On August 14, 2017
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7 Real Photos That Cannot Be Explained!

hey say a picture speaks a thousand words and if that is true, I would really wanna know about those thousand words regarding these pictures now. There is just nothing that you can say about pictures, take a look…


This image was clicked in 1940’s. Everyone in the image is dressed according to the time other than the dude wearing glares and casual clothes. The point is, how did he get access to all of this back then?


No One Around

The image was clicked by this little girl’s father. The interesting bit is that he claims there was no one around while he clicked this picture.


The Phone Call?

There weren’t really any phones in 1938, were they? This picture was clicked in 1938 and the woman in centre appears to be talking on the cell phone. How?


The Mystery Power

So this man claimed that while he was vacationing in Whiteshell Provincial Park, he saw two objects that looked like cigars coming at him. Long story short, he received a bunch of burns on his abdomen. Believable? It’s true though!



Stone Of Time

This is the stone of time. On the back it’s written “Swiss” and appears to be 400 years old


During Civil War

During the American Civil War, this group of soldiers caught what appears to be a pterodactyl. The only problem is the flying reptile should have been extinct for millions of years by then so what is that doing in the picture?


The Babushka Lady

This was taken on the day of the JFK assassination in 1963. This lady is seen in many pictures and film that day but until this day has never been identified. Wow, simply crazy!

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