• On May 24, 2017
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Terrifying Paranormal Pictures That Will Make You Believe In The Afterlife

What happens when we die? It’s the age old question that remains a mystery… or does it? We’ve previously collected 12 paranormal pictures, and while it’s true many so-called ghost photos on the internet are fakes created by accidental double exposure, lens flares, or pareidolia (seeing faces in objects). Every so often, you can come across a picture that can’t be so easily explained away.

So, if you’re still not a believer in the afterlife here are 13 of the best paranormal pictures from around the world that might change your mind.

1. The Stanley Hotel Ghost


Henry Yau, from Houston, said he was inspired to visit The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado after hearing stories of its paranormal past. After uploading pictures to his Instagram account, he noticed this ghostly figure standing at the top of the century old stairwell in the hotel.

2. The Nurse of Leeds Hospital


Andrew Milburn was texting his girlfriend at the Leeds General Infirmary, United Kingdom, when he noticed a ghostly figure of a nurse in a Snapchat he took. There are numerous ghost stories connected to the hospital, many of which concern a nurse who haunts the wards, caring for her patients long after her passing.

3. The Window In  The Abandoned Hospital


Adam Smith had the fright of his life when he took a photograph of the abandoned Brecon and Radnor Lunatic Asylum in Brecon, Wales. Smith, who was walking past, spotted what appeared to be a shadowy figure looking from the first-floor window of the former psychiatric hospital – despite it being closed for more than 15 years.

4. The Mortician’s Daughter

Source: Reddit

Reddit user Dvac23 uploaded this paranormal picture sent to him by a friend. Here’s what he had to say about his terrifying image:

“A friend of mine was taking a picture of herself and her daughter kissing and in the background you can clearly see a figure that was not there. She had “ghost experts” come in and check around the house and found nothing. After some research they found one of the previous owners was a mortician or ran a funeral home or something. I have known this girl for years and it would completely shock me if this was fabricated as I saw how upset she was and how much money she dished out for experts. They no longer live there.”

5. The Ghost In The Graveyard

Source: Reddit

This photograph was captured during a late night ghost hunt in a graveyard. Submitted to Reddit by user Deeznootz, he states that at the time the photograph was taken, there were only three people present. If that’s the case then who or what is the ghostly figure in the middle that looks to be striding past the group?

6. The St. Augustine Lighthouse Ghost


A cell phone tower technician took this photo of the St. Augustine Lighthouse in 2008 and was shocked to see what appears to be a young girl standing at the top. Legend has it the lighthouse is haunted by the ghost of a former keeper’s daughter.

7. The Girl on The Stealth Cam


This creepy image was captured on a stealth cam set up on a deer trail property in NC. The mysterious girl who appears in just one frame has left Imgur users stumped. For bonus creepy points if you look hard enough, there also appears to be a man standing in the top right of the image watching the girl from a distance.

8. Wisconsin Trail Cam Mystery


Another trail-cam paranormal capture that has baffled Reddit users around the world is the Wisconsin Trail Cam Mystery.  The ghostly figure showed up in just this single frame.

9. The “Other” Bridesmaid


Taken at a church in England’s Church Aston, Newport, Shropshire, this photo appears to show an extra member of the wedding party. The child closest to the camera who shared the image, said she felt cold and sad while taking this photograph, though she wasn’t sure why she felt melancholy on such a happy day.

10. The Wedding Day Ghost
Source: Paranormal.About.com

This photograph was reportedly taken in Jasper, Alabama in 1942. The couple in the picture had just tied the knot, but it seems not everyone was happy about the wedding. What is the terrifying spectre hiding in the trees behind the newly-wed couple?

11. Wedding Day Photobomb


Kevin and Christina Denis had uploaded their favourite wedding photo to Facebook when a friend noticed a sinister face ‘photobombing’ them in the background. They have no explanation as to who or what the face could be.

12. The Shadow Woman


This picture submitted to Reddit by a friend of a woman whose roommate suspected the house she lived in with her ex-husband was haunted. She claimed strange things would happen downstairs, but nothing that left her feeling they were in danger. Then her ex sent her this picture.

13. The Woman In The Window


This supernatural snap was taken by a couple of house-hunters searching for their new home. After finishing the viewing, the couple took this photograph of the outside of the property. It was only after reviewing the photos later that they noticed the unaccountable image of a woman appearing to look out from the upstairs window. They say the house was completely empty at the time to photo was taken.

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